Anika wish shivay birthday 🎊 with kiss😉😉,with badnamiyaa

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Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Svetlana kapoor nagin dance

If you guys want to watch full episode. Please web this sites ...

Yun Hi Re // Shivaay & Annika - A concept (Read DB)

Concept: Annika, a doctor, comes across Shivaay, her ex boyfriend after 2 years of break-up in the hospital as a patient. Due to ...

Love cures death // a concept (read description)

Annika and Shivaay got married happily. They were living their lives without any problems. But one day in a family function Annika ...

O jaana full song IshqBaaz title song full version

O jaana full song IshqBaaz title song full version.

➤ Khushi Ke Pal - If Annika Died [AU]

CONCEPT: Annika passes away after getting shot. Her death effects everyone from the Oberoi mansion. She was their happiness, ...

Аника & Шивай

видео создано через программу: Сони вегас 10. музыка: Beyoncé - Crazy In Love.

O jana shivika / the Oberoi love song o jaana shivika my love

Clips are from YouTube and here is the new video on shivika narbhi I just love these guys so much... Subscribe krna Mt bhoolna ...

Ishqbaaz: Shivaay & Anika's FACE-OFF!

Checkout what happened when Shivaay & Anika came face to face in this video..


Флирт. Шивай и Аника.

Anika Doing😂Shivaay's Acting😂😂 || Ishqbaaz💑 ||Cute😄😄Shivika||

No copyright infringement intended. This video is only for entertainment. Purposes all rights reserved by star plus lshqbaaaz and ...

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