My visible heartbeat ( with sound)

Alriiiiight here you gooooo. Something visibleeeee For those of you who are always asking if my heart is visible: now you know!

Visible heartbeat with poppers at 185 bpm and sound

This is my heart beating fast at 185 bpm inhaling poppers, as you can see I was already nervous so my heart rate started at 140 ...

heart beat in my stomach :o

i have a lil heart beat in my stomach BUT i am NOT pregant.

Visible heartbeat lying down (semi-SFW: bare male chest)

Somewhat shaky picture because I held the camera in my hands. But I think it turned out all right. There are five bonus skips.

visible heartbeat and heart sound


my visible heartbeat

my heart beat fast and strong.

My Visible Heartbeat

You can clearly see my heart beating, I like how the shadows help. Sorry it's short. It's my first time making a visible video.

Visible Heartbeat #2

Hi again this is my second video take with different lighting (I don't look as pale either xD) as well as better resolution as I tinkered ...

Recording with Cardio III + Visible Heartbeat!

Thought I'd give you guys a better video of my actual heart sounds. Still not perfect, there are a few extra sounds and it does get a ...

feel my visible heartbeat Video253

can you feel my fast , strong and visible heartbeat? please comment are welcome.

Auscultation of my visible and fast heartbeat with sound

Trying to show you different sounds from different spots of my heart, which is fast and visible as always.

♥️ I Give You My Heart 🎁 Part 3 [Heartbeat ASMR]

Hey You, The first months of our life we hear the sound of our mothers heart 24/7. The heartbeat is a natural calming sound we are ...

[SemiSFW] Visible heartbeat on the chest with stethmic sound and ECG

Did a couple exhale breathholds and got quite a good reaction. Many PVCs and two or three PJCs (bonus cake to those who can ...

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