Disassembly and repair of Jawbone Up3 (part.1)

I show how to replace electronic main board from braclet with destroyed electronic and main board from the braclet with destroyed ...

วิธีการ Hard Reset Jawbone UP & UP24

วิธีการ Hard Reset Jawbone UP & UP24.

Jawbone UP2 FIX (IT WORKED!!!)

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Jawbone UP 3 guided overview with iOS App (Jan 2016) HD

An overview and guide of the Jawbone UP 3. Includes a suggestion on how to fix the troublesome clasp, a tour round the iOS App ...

A Designers Jawbone UP24 TEARDOWN Review

Teardown review of the Jawbone UP24, the younger sibling to the UP3. Special thanks to EEVblog's video ...

UP2 and UP3 - Charging Your Band

Welcome to UP by Jawbone! Watch this video for help with charging your UP.

UP + UP24: How To Perform a Soft Reset

Welcome to Jawbone Customer Care! This video will show you how to perform a soft reset on your band. A soft reset can help ...

Jawbone UP24 Pairing and setup on iPhone (AT&T)

http://go.geeksriot.com/up24 Check out part 2 of my Jawbone UP24 review video, where I show you how to pair and configure ...

Up by jawbone not working fixed !

Sorry for the meowing my cat is loud, if you followed the instructions your up should be fixed if not please let me know in the ...

Making the Jawbone UP24 vibrate on sms or notifications

UPDATE: You can find "UpNotifications" app on Google Play Store I'm using this app daily to get call, email and sms notifications ...

Jawbone UP24 Doesn't Charge and Syncronize

Jawbone UP24 stopped to work, it doesn't charge or syncronize. I tried soft reset and hard rest but it doesn't response.

UP3 - Charging

Welcome to UP by Jawbone! Watch this video for help with charging your UP.

Jawbone UP - Trouble shooting

Sometimes your band can act up in many ways from not holding a 10 day charge to not syncing. Or maybe the vibrating stopped ...

IT Review Clip : Jawbone UP24 (Thai Language

รีวิว Jawbone UP24 เวอร์ชั่น Video สามารถติดตามรีวิวได้ทาง http://www.itcoolgang.com และ http://bigglive.wordp...

Jawbone UP Problem with Sync

Problem z synchronizacją Jawbone UP iPhone 5, iPhone 4.

Faulty Jawbone 2

Unable to sync with device when unplugged from USB.

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